Selected by the Ferretti family for the excellent work they do at home and abroad, the charities Caldo Sauce / Hot Sauce 4 Good supports receive monetary donations they can use to make real impacts on the lives of the people they serve. These are some of the programs Caldo Sauce has supported in the past, and continues to support thanks to our loyal followers who know doing good just tastes right.


World Vision works internationally to micro-finance small loans to individuals and families who are building small businesses in developing countries, creating jobs and bettering the lives of those in the community with their profits. Having first sponsored a couple of children in Mozambique and Sri Lanka, this organization now supports entrepreneurs worldwide in third world countries, allowing them to improve their own lives and their communities in the future.

Elijah’s Promise started with a small soup kitchen, organized by 3 churches in 1989, and has grown to include a training program with professional culinary curriculum. This opportunity has allowed hundreds of eager students to prepare for and secure jobs in the food service industry, proving that given the right tools, the people of New Jersey can learn to feed themselves, and create a community where no one needs to go hungry.

Get Involved

Impact your world with your spending choices, and perhaps someday, more businesses will come to understand the responsibility we all share to make the world a better place. That’s the hope of the folks at the Caldo Sauce Company, so join their quest and crack open a bottle of hot sauce with a heart.

You can buy a bottle or buy a case, enjoy the hot sauce yourself or give Caldo Sauce as a gift to your favorite fire-breathing foodie. Whatever you do with it, you’ll feel great knowing each bottle of hot sauce for sale through this company is a donation in the hands of people who are “doing good” all over the globe.

Whether you’re a first timer or a regular do-gooder, you’re sure to grow addicted to the sweet and savory flavor creations of this chile-churning family, and that’s OK, because the more you buy, the more Caldo Sauce Company can donate to the charities who rely on their funding to continue their missions. Be a part of something hot that truly leaves you feeling warm on the inside.

I am happy with the life my children are living. They have food to eat, they go to school, there is hope for them. World Vision Micro is a Godsend because it has changed my life for the better.
— Neguse Yemane, World Vision Micro Entrepreneur