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More than 1K turn out for N.J. winery’s spring festival (PHOTOS)
Check out the photos of Hot Sauce 4 Good at the Unionville Vineyard Spring Wine Festival!

Bob & Luke at the 2016 Spring Wine Festival at Unionville Vineyards

Craft Hot Sauce Podcast, March 20, 2016
Bob was interviewed by Brian from Craft Hot Sauce and talks about how we use our hot sauce to pay forward.

RI Monthly Magazine, October, 2015 (“Head of the Class”)

Courier News, October 5, 2015 (Featured entrepreneur in an article on Opportunities at RutgersX Accelerator Conference)

American Farm Magazine, August 15, 2015

New Jersey Isn’t Boring – Hot Sauce Review, June 6, 2015

Shore Vacations, Hot Sauce 4 Good Review, May, 2015

Family hot sauce business puts faith in to action, World Vision Magazine,  July 2014

Hot Sauce 4 Good Spicing Things up at World Vision Micro, June 2013


  • “While deployed overseas, a great friend sent a selection of your sauce. At first, I revelled in the taste and flavor of the sauce itself. However, after learning about your business and what it stands for, I have come to appreciate it on a whole other level. So much so, that I am excited to share your sauces with friends and family this holiday season.”  D.P.
  • “Hello Bob–it was good talking to you today, you & your company are artists!!! Your Ghost Dragon Elixir & Smoked Bandit are delicious…Please keep my email available when you’re able to make more of the Dragon Elixir, I plan to stock up when they’re available…I might also try to pick up the Smoked Bandit at the local store (Super Sundaes) you advised me of…Again, thanks for the info, keep up the great work-I’m a fan.” Steve M (April 22, 2016)
  • “Siracha. Yep, that was my favorite hot sauce until I tasted the SubLime Cilantro hot sauce with ginger and garlic. Now it’s a must-have in my food cabinet. My wife and I have always talked about making intelligent choices that would impact the world and community we live. That’s what’s amazing about Hot Sauce 4 Good and these amazing bottles of hot sauces. It changes lives. I am honored to know Bob and the great work his company is doing around the world. I am ALL-IN.” ~ Jinu Thomas, Founder, Collyde Conference
  • “Bob’s hot sauces depart from the standard ones on the market! They have robust unique flavors that take food to the next level of enjoyment! We are blessed to have them support our programs at Urban Impact.” ~ Mona Patel, Director, Urban Impact
  • “You have to try the DoubleShot sauce over vanilla ice cream! It is absolutely delicious! Everyone at our family reunion says so!” ~ Betty (Hillsborough, NJ)
  • “All the flavors of Hot Sauce For Good are delicious combinations and new takes on the classics. My favorite is the SubLime Cilantro. They do a great job of keeping to a few high quality ingredients making the flavors rich and bold.” ~ Kathryn Z.
  • “Just wanted to say how great your hot sauce is. Picked up a bottle of autumn spice, ams finished it within weeks. Even my wife, who is not a huge hot sauce fan, has been using it. Just stocked up on a few bottles for the fall. Great product.” ~ Jack  B.
  • Hot Garlic is everything that hot sauce is meant to be and SO much more!” ~ Billy G.
  • Hot Sauce for Good is an amazing concept! While we benefit from the product, we are grateful to partner with the Ferretti’s. Their support of ours and other local farms is a great partnership. They don’t just use one farm, they spread it around to support everyone of us, in turn we sell Hot Sauce for Good which also benefits several great causes. The ones that the Ferretti’s believe in that are doing the most good in the world. Our customer feel confident purchasing a bottle (or 5) of HS4G! They are supporting local and know the money a portion is going to where it is needed. The range of hotness suits everyone’s needs. I find a lot of people will purchase one for themselves and another as a gift. They are eye catching and fun labels! Also the strength of hotness is a great idea as well, you have the mild eaters like myself and the hotter the better people! It’s a great product, with a great reputation.” ~ Debbi Norz, Owner, Norz Hill Farm
  • “It’s best hot sauce. So yummy. Wonderful. And the owners have such integrity. And they are making outstanding flavored food & making a positive difference in the world.” ~ Dannie C.
  • “Thank you for creating a new addiction in our home! I received a 3 bottle gift-set for Christmas and we are HOOKED on the SubLime Cilantro. We are vegetarians and it is wonderful on everything from burritos to tofu scramble. An old friend of mine once dubbed me “The Condiment Queen” for obvious reasons… And I hereby dub the SubLime Cilantro my favorite hot sauce!!” ~ Ros A. (NJ)
  • I am addicted and I need help! There are few exceptions to my new rule of thumb:If it tastes good, it will taste better with hotsauce4good.” ~ Kevin D. (Kinnelon, NJ)
  • “Tried my first bottle of Sublime Cilantro in May…LOVE IT!!! The heat level is truly Medium…you get some fire but don’t break into a sweat….But the best part is the flavor…you can really taste all the ingredients they put in. I use this for Eggs, soups, sandwiches (replaces Mayo). On my last order I tried Smoked Bandit…now I do not know which I like more..when it comes back in the spring…get it!! Keep doing what you do!!!!” ~Michael K. (Atlanta, GA)
  • “Thank you!  This has become my very favorite gift to give to people! I love the sauce. love the cause.. and always have great service. Keep up the good work AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!” ~ Jenn W. (Columbus, IN)
  • “I was introduced to your sauces last year and my wife and I quickly became fans. (She’s quite a cook and has been experimenting with them in a few of her newer recipes.) After trying two of the flavors, my son took a special liking to one and now keeps a supply of his on his own shelf in the fridge. We have yet to convert my daughter, but she is willing to try any new flavor we bring home—and we are sure she will eventually find one she likes.  But no matter; the rest of us are hooked. Keep the sauces–and the new flavors–coming. We are planning to use a few of your excellent sauces as stocking stuffers for a few family and friends this Christmas as well. Continued success, and please keep doing “good”.” ~ Bob & Trisha N. (Basking Ridge, NJ)
  • We LOVE your sauces!! I use these just about everyday, no joke. So good!” ~ Melanie F. (Edison, NJ)
  • “I really enjoyed the Autumn Spice, a very unique blend. I’m saving my bottle of Ghost Dragon Elixir to open with a special friend.” ~ Jerry D.
  • “This is the best hot sauce that I ever had. Thanks for bringing me one today. Will let every know how good it is.” ~ John D. (NJ)
  • “These hot sauces make great hostess gifts and a great alternative to a bottle of wine.” ~ Dorothy G. (NJ)
  • “Yay!! LOVE this stuff!! The SubLime Cilantro is for me, but happy to try the other flavors – especially the Autumn Spice.” ~ Karen L. (Tacoma, WA)
  • “My family LOVES your hot sauce, especially my husband to whom it was given. He is enjoying all new food combinations–everything has a dash of this or that–thank you!!” ~ Maura G. (Hillsborough, NJ)