The Mission

“We are committed to changing the world by supporting charities that feed the hungry, educate the poor and invest in hard working entrepreneurs in developing countries. To accomplish this we make great hot sauce.”


It started with a New Jersey family, making hot sauce together from the peppers in their garden. Their love of crafting hot sauces grew to include bottles made for family and friends, and eventually, a business was born – and this family was determined to use their new venture to make the world a better place. They created Hot Sauce 4 Good as a small, family run company dedicated to supporting charities with the infrastructure to deliver their profits where they are needed most.

As the business grew, so did the brand, into the Caldo Sauce Company. What didn't change is their company mission and their commitment to the highest quality sauces.

Now they create thousands of bottles of hot sauce from the finest locally sourced ingredients. When available, the Caldo Sauce team hand-selects their peppers from local New Jersey farms. Their hot sauce is bottled by hand, as their spicy creations have become a labor of love. Their stock lineup of perfected flavors is supplemented seasonally with a specialty flavor made in limited quantities. Sometimes these seasonal flavors do so well they join the regular array of flavors, as was the case with their hot hit “Sublime Cilantro.”

Bob Ferretti and his family continue to churn out the hot stuff with the sole intention of raising as much money as possible for the charities they believe in. Proudly donating a minimum of twenty-five  cents (retail) and $1 per bottle sold at farm stands and farmers markets, Caldo Sauce helps to fund projects around the globe and right here at home in the United States. Their efforts, fueled by an ever-expanding cult following for their spicy sauces, have helped raise over $70k to date for the charities they support. With more “do-gooders” ordering hot sauce for charity, each day brings them closer to realizing their mission on a larger scale than ever. Recently, Caldo Sauce’s money has helped to support developing nations in Africa and the family has traveled there to visit some of the entrepreneurs that are making a difference.