What is the Caldo Sauce Company and Hot Sauce 4 Good?

Started by the Ferretti family as a labor of love and entrepreneurial spirit, Hot Sauce 4 Good is a small, family run company in New Jersey, making great hot sauce, and donating a portion of every sale  charitable organizations they believe is making a difference in the world. The sauces were rebranded as Caldo Sauce in early 2017 but the recipes and mission of the company has remained the same.

How much of the money is donated?

A minimum of 25 cents per bottle (wholesale) sold is being donated by Hot Sauce 4 Good, with $1 per bottle being directed to charity from all direct sales through our website and venues like fairs, festivals, and trade shows. When you purchase online, you’ll be able to view the donation your purchase will provide to our chosen charities.

Where does the money go?

The charities selected by Hot Sauce 4 Good exemplify the mission of this hot yet humble brand. Feeding the hungry, empowering the oppressed, and encouraging real changes to come about in developing countries and within the United States. These projects all make real impacts on the lives of those they are working with, and their effects echo in the communities and countries they help to improve.

World Vision Micro – provides micro-loans to finance the small business aspirations of men and women in third world countries who may never have access to a traditional business loan. By helping to get their ideas off the ground, the small loans create hope and generate income for the individual, and upon repayment of the loan it is recycled into the community to build an economic infrastructure which will provide jobs and uplift communities around the globe.


Urban Impact – helps to empower at-risk inner city youth right here in New Jersey through encouraging and equipping spiritual centers with the tools necessary to make a real difference.

Elijah’s Promise – has been working since 1989 to embody the idea of “teaching a man to fish.” What began as a soup kitchen grew in 1997 to include a culinary training program with professional caliber educators, which has since allowed hundreds of eager students to realize dreams in the culinary profession, secure jobs in the food service industry, and avoid a life of hardship while building a foundation for the rest of their days.

Why is Hot Sauce for Good an LLC and not a Non-Profit?

The answer is simple, really. They know hot sauce is what they do best, and want to ensure they stick to it, focusing on delivering deliciously spicy concoctions to do-gooders the world over, while allowing the charitable work to be managed by the organizations who are already set up to use donations directly for good. Running a charity is costly, and we’d rather forego the setup and operational costs to contribute as much money as possible to established groups making real impacts worldwide.