World Vision Spotlights Hot Sauce 4 Good!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful team at World Vision Micro and was thrilled and honored (and more than a bit humbled) that they wanted to learn a little more about what we are doing at Hot Sauce for Good. My first reaction was "but we are so small, we've only been able to help fund eight loans so far." Then I thought about it and it hit me - that IS the point isn't it.

I (virtually) sat down with Brandon Wold and I hope I was able to capture for you the joy we get in our family business not only making the hot sauces but being able to select and support entrepreneurs who are making real differences in their communities. It is wonderful to be able to see the success stories and be a real part of it.

Brandon and the WV Micro team even had a photo shoot for some of the hot sauce bottles  from last year's batch that we gave them to try out (I hope they like them!); the bottles never looked better!

If you get a chance, go to World Vision Microcheck out the blog post, leave a comment, fund an entrepreneur for as little as $25 and register for your free bottle of the 2013 hot sauces. I would LOVE to be able to give away all 25 bottles - that would mean that we were able to be part of funding 25 new loans!

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