Why I am Jealous of my Brother

Written by Amy Ferretti

My brother is becoming quite big and successful in his endeavors and I am completely jealous!!!

Let me explain...because you will be too...

First, a backstory... My brother Bob is 8 years older than me. We are not what you call "close", but time and geography is to blame, not any sort of brother/sister animosity. Growing up with a brother so much older there is no time to get to know each other as people or friends. He was moving out of the house as I was becoming a cognizant human being. Heck, he had his marriage license before I was able to get my driver's license. (As I wrote that I had to stop for a moment as the differences in our lives suddenly became very clear to me.) We were two people born of the same parents, polite and friendly at holidays and get togethers, but basically strangers with the same surname. It is just how it was. Sometimes that is the way life plays out. I loved him as a sister should...but like him? How could I? I didn't even know him!

Luckily as I aged and "matured" I have been given the chance to get to know him, not just as someone who shares similar DNA, but as the person he has become, and may I say he is amazing! If you are reading this then you already know something about him or at the very least his mission. He has worked so hard his entire life to provide for his family. Every breath he has taken has been dedicated to those he loves. In that vein alone he is an extraordinary man, and if that is how he continued his life he would still be amazing. But he has chosen a different path, one much riskier but one filled with so many rewards it will forever change him and the world itself.

Photo courtesy of Leadercast.com

This past weekend I was privileged enough to be sitting in the audience, one of 130,000 people, watching a video of my brother's commitment to changing the world. Then he got to speak...he personally addressed the same audience that later was honored to hear Bishop Desmond Tutu. My brother shared space with a Nobel Peace Prize winner. How awe inspiring is that for a kid sister? Can you even imagine your parents sitting there, getting to see their son having such a moment of fame and honor? There must be no bigger sense of peace than seeing your son making such a difference and living the ideals you tried to instill in him. And I know what you are thinking...that is not the jealousy I have. For this and all his hard work I have nothing but profound pride and respect!! He deserves all the recognition he gets. He is working so hard, dedicating so much, giving up even more to make the world a better place....how could a family not beam with pride??? Like I said...amazing!!

Here is where the jealousy comes in...
If you get to speak with him, even for a few minutes, you cannot help but notice the light shining from him. All this has transformed his life so much that it radiates around him. His new path of service and community/world action has visibly given him such a sense of purpose and peace that it is tangible. He gave up money for meaning and it has made all the difference.

And I want that feeling. I want that light. Who wouldn't? My whole life I have tried to help when I can, to live the lessons taught to us by our parents. We have always been a family that tries to give back...but my brother has taken it one step further. It has become his life and watching his transformation has reinvigorated me...to go beyond myself, to reach out further, to fully commit to being the type of person who acts as a positive catalyst for change. I want to feel that light and sense of joy within myself....and I would think everyone would want to as well.

The World Micro Vision model transcends just small loans to people...it is the perfect paradigm of life. It is about doing things within our individual power to help others..and sometimes the smallest actions resonate so far that they truly transform lives. It is about being part of the bigger picture...being part of the whole and not just existing in our small pocket of the universe.

Whether or not you ever get to read this, at least I accomplished one thing...I know my brother Bob Ferretti has...and I think he needed to know how much his life has impacted others and hopefully he keeps reaching further out into the world with his mission and his light keeps glowing brighter. The more he does the more he rallies the rest of us to get involved as well.

He is my brother, he is my friend, and now he is my inspiration...and how many little sisters get to say that about the big brother who stole their Halloween candy? :)

FaithBob Ferretti