Happy Anniversary


Written by Amy Ferretti

Pardon my completely emotional and overly sentimental post. I try not to do it that often but I think you may forgive me for this one, gentle reader....I thank you for indulging me.

52 years ago a man and a woman stood before family, friends, and most importantly God, and pledged their undying love and devotion to one another. She, a proper young woman of 21. He, a more worldly, rough and tumble man of 32. Two very different people, from polar worlds, who shared the only important thing...one defining heart beat. The same year that saw the Beatles storm America and Kennedy get assassinated these two people started their own equally important history. On a rainy day they merged their lives and started an amazing story. Together they survived losses of unfathomable proportion, times of unemployment, severe injuries, and many turbulences that can rock a foundation. But they never wavered and never let life pull them apart. In their years they also had amazing triumphs, laughs, joy, and most importantly, always enduring love. The dark times always were the catalyst for the inevitable dawn. The looming clouds brought an invigorating rain that helped nourish their lives and let the new blooms grow. Most importantly they showed their kids that the single most important gift they could ever give was the strength and fortitude of their love. There was no evil too great that it tore them asunder, no despair too vast they could not breathe again, and no light too bright that their love didn't shine brighter.

Happy anniversary mom and dad!!! We are who we are because of who you showed us to be. We are not perfect, and you never expected us to be, but we wake up in the morning and try to live in a way that makes you proud. You taught us how to be caring in a world that shuns acts of kindness as weakness. You showed us how to be charitable in the face of extreme selfishness. You made us see that our worth is not defined by money or possessions but by the way we show the values you instilled in us. Most of all you taught us that to love everyone is the greatest way we can live our lives.

My mom gave me my strength in a world that will pull you down, my dad gave me my ability to laugh and find humor when all I am surrounded by is despair. To you both I cannot thank you enough for these gifts, as well as so many others, help me survive each and every situation life presents me.

Enjoy your day! You have so much more to experience in this world together...so many more adventures to take together. You deserve each and every second of it!!

Do Good, FaithBob Ferretti