...But God...

As we work through the chaos that has become the Christmas season, I can't help but think of my friend Jinu and his wonderful family. Jinu and Ann's son, the aptly nicknamed "Warrior Prince" Joshua Luke have been battling through many ups and downs related to the heart disease that this little three year old has been dealing with since birth. Recently, after a procedure in the hospital to prep for a second heart surgery, Joshua Luke had to cope with fluid build-up in his lungs. Many people would be dejected but Joshua Luke gets his warrior spirit from his parents. I wanted to share this post from Jinu as it helps me to continue to 'keep Christ in Christmas'. God came down, became one of us, fully human yet fully divine. He is with us, Emmanuel, the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Father Forever, the Prince of Peace.

Read Jinu's post and may it strengthen your relationship with the creator as it has mine.

Dec 14: Joshua Luke Update: ... But God

Ann and I could not wait to share the BEST news we received yesterday with you all. Joshua Luke's lungs are clear for the last 10 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you - to everyone who prayed with us on Friday, Dec 2nd, from 8 to 12 Noon. Hundreds of you locked arms to ask for His mercy on Joshua Luke. He heard us. Joshua Luke turned around immediately after 12 Noon that day and his fluid flow into his lungs dried up. We have so many emotions still going through our hearts and minds. It's good to have our warrior prince home and recovering. Please continue to pray that he would gain weight and his appetite would come back fully and this Christmas he would recover physically and emotionally back to 100%. We love you all and cannot fathom or imagine walking this journey without you. We will update soon again in a few days!


From Jinu's heart: I have to share a little on what's on my heart this morning. FAITH is an interesting thing in our lives. It is impossible to carry all our human feelings and burdens we have here on earth and not have FEAR chip away at our FAITH. It is ok to sometimes have doubt fill our hearts for brief moments but Ann and I have learned, through this journey of 3 years with ups and downs, that God can step-in at any given moment and change the trajectory of what is happening in our lives. We call it our "..But God" moment. Dec 12 was our "But God" moment. The Bible is full of "But God" moments. Despite how the circumstances look, we can have full confidence and continue to pray that God can step in and change everything. It doesn't mean He always will - that is in His hands, but we know He always does hear us and answers us and sometimes it is the answer we were hoping for. In fact there is an amazing book by Herbert Cooper with the same title (Link). Here are some ways that "But God" might be a part of your story.

- We Wander ... But God Finds Us - We’re Wounded ... But God Heals Us - We’re Insecure ... But God Gives Us Confidence - We Search for Identity ...But God Gives Us Purpose - We Lose Our Way ... But God Guides Us - We Seek Relationships ...But God Gives Us Divine Connections - We’re Bound ... But God Sets Us Free - We’re Tempted ... But God Delivers Us - We Don’t Have Enough ... But God Provides for Us - We See Impossible ...But God Makes All Things Possible

I want to encourage you today, as you have encouraged us with your prayers over the last 3 years, don't ever give up hope. God is not done yet. He is still writing your story. He loves you too much to be absent in your life. He might seem silent but Ann and I have learned this: you will NEVER walk alone if you have chosen to believe. You have what it takes - not because you need to muster everything in you to show courage - but because someone is standing by you. In those toughest moments life throws at you, remember .... BUT GOD...

FaithRobert Ferretti