An Open Letter to World Vision Employees

Each and every day we struggle with time. There never seems to be enough of it. It is the one thing in life that, once it is gone, there is no getting it back. I am taking the opportunity to save a whole bunch of time by writing this as an open letter to each and every one of you.

I want to thank you. I have been utterly amazed at the great work that you do. You are making a difference in the lives of countless children, families and entire communities. By being the literal hands and feet, ears and voice, arms and legs, doing all of the work that it takes to run a charity, you are the body of Christ, being His hands and feet, His ears and voice, His arms and legs.

I pray for you each and every day. I pray for the work that you are doing and I pray for the people you do it for. I pray that you understand how important your work is – and I don’t just mean that work that is being done in the field.

Each time I receive a letter or an email, write my sponsored children, select a World Vision Micro entrepreneur to fund, experience a story through video or in the magazine, call your help desk, volunteer at a concert, walk through the World Vision “experience”, organize my youth group’s 30 Hour Famine, look through the gift catalog, or any of the other things that I do, I can’t help but marvel at the amount of care, thought and prayer goes into each and every aspect of it.

From the person that sends me the holiday cards (and reminders to contact my sponsored children), to the person digging the wells that will provide clean water to a village and everyone in between, I say thank you. Thank you for being caring stewards of my donations. Thank you for treating all people with dignity – whether they are Christian or not.

I can’t even imagine the number of families that have been improved, that have experienced the healing touch of Jesus through the work that you all do. You are appreciated. Your are changing lives, you really are changing the world. You are giving all of us that opportunity as well and that is a priceless gift.

Remember, when you are having a bad day at work (and we all have them) that what you are doing matters and there are many people out there like me that want to say thank you for all you are doing.


Bob Ferretti