An Exciting Spring/Summer/Fall for Hot Sauce for Good


We are so excited to be kicking off our 2015 events at Rutgers Day in New Brunswick on April 25. I can't believe how quickly time is going - and that we are ready to start selling again!

Check out all of our events this year and come out and see us. We love it when someone stops by our table with a story or a recipe idea. Just don't be surprised if we ask your permission to use it on our website.

This year we are going to be attending a number of wine festivals, a pork roll festival, a taco festival and a few music festivals. The only thing that's missing is a chili festival - oh and a beer festival. If you know of any and want us to attend please let me know!

This will be our first year as a regular at a farmers market and we have selected a great one - the Rutgers Gardens Farmers Market. We are open every Friday from 11am - 5pm and are located at 112 Ryders Lane in New Brunswick, NJ. Check out all the great vendors that will be there!

It is so easy to get caught up in all of this "stuff" around us - to become attached to all of the trappings around what we are doing that I sometimes lose sight (only for a moment) of the real reason that we are attending every event we can and selling our hot sauces every chance we get. These 'disordered attachments' distract and want to take over but we are learning to keep our 'eye on the prize', stay focused and be 'all in'.

What's the prize? What are we focused on? It's simple - and it all goes back to our mission statement. We want to change the world, to use hot sauce to help feed the hungry, educate the poor and invest in hard working entrepreneurs in third-world countries so they can inspire others in their own community to do the same.

We are honored and blessed that you are coming along on this journey with us. And we look forward to seeing you at one of the events we will be at this year. Please stop by and say hello.